Rich Strang

Team Coach, Route Setter, Instructor
Rich has been climbing about as long as rocks have existed. Starting his climbing career in New York he eventually moved to the West for the vast amounts of rock and more days of sunshine.

Andre Wiltenburg

Andre Wiltenburg grew up in the Netherlands. He moved to the United States more than 20 years ago, in search of adventure and new opportunities. He discovered rock climbing while he was living in Florida, and was immediately hooked.

Mike Phalan

Setter, Lifts more than you
Mike moved to Santa Fe from the Big Island of Hawaii back in 2007 and fell in love with climbing right away. He traded in his career in counseling for this newfound passion and directed it into coaching and guiding with the Santa Fe Climbing Center.

Jarod Wiltenburg

Front Desk, Team Coach, Route Setter, Instructor
Jarod has spent his whole life surrounded by climbing which has since then became his passion. When he isn’t climbing or working at the gym, he likes to spend time doing his other hobbies such as playing video games, listening to music and skateboarding.

Bowen Gandy

Front Desk, Instructor, Occasional Setter
Bowen is a born and raised Santa Fe local. He started climbing in 2021 and instantly fell in love. At the gym you can find him behind the desk, instructing the after school programs, teaching classes or occasionally setting. When Bowen is not working, he enjoys climbing outside with his friends, skiing and camping.

Savanna Coppler

Front Desk, Youth Instructor
Savanna has been a member of the climbing gym since 2010. She instructs for the youth programs. her interests include: climbing, skiing, and sobbing to Phoebe Bridgers in her car when she thinks no one is looking.

Lex Gowans

Yoga Instructor
Lex’s ultimate goal as a yoga instructor is to help guide students from all paths of life back home to their body. When she’s not climbing rocks, upside down, or hiking, you can find her snapping photos or geeking out over plants & crystals with her partner. She can’t wait to flow & climb with you!

Dane Bass

Front Desk, Instructor
Dane has climbed all over the world for nearly 30 years and has participated in every discipline of climbing (except for ice-climbing-BRR!). He’s built an extensive climbing resume including hundreds of FA’s and establishing hundreds of pitches of climbing. When Dane isn’t climbing, he enjoys traveling, photography and outdoor activities with his wife and dog.

Gaby Defrancesco

Front Desk, Instructor, Team Coach
Gaby grew up between New York and New Mexico and started climbing when she moved back to Santa Fe in 2017. Since then, she’s climbed around the southwest and worked in different parts of the outdoor industry. In her free time, Gaby likes to raft the Rio Grande, camp, and hike.

Jackson Holzberg-Buckley

Front Desk, Instructor
Jackson has been a stable face at the gym since the mid 2000s, and he enjoys bouldering, top-roping, and lead climbing. Jackson is also an educator and enthusiastic about reading, writing, yoga, and hiking.

Jahbran Holmes

Front Desk, Instructor
Jahbran started climbing in 2021 and instantly got hooked. He loves nothing more than accepting the challenge of pushing himself physically and mentally. When he’s not working he likes to go bouldering outside, enjoying cloudy weather or staying in and working on editing videos.

Phoebe McCarthy

Front Desk
Phoebe first climbed at the SFCC summer camp when she was 8 years old, and then picked the sport back up in 2019. When she’s not climbing, she can be found backpacking, reading, writing fiction, playing D&D, or pampering her cats.

Josh Hauer

Route Setter, Front Desk
Josh has a hard time keeping his feet on the wall and drinks copious amounts of caffeine. When he’s not found climbing (which is rare), he enjoys reading, playing chess, lifting weights, and skiing. Say hi to him the next time you see him flying around the boulder!

Sim Khalsa

Head Route Setter
Sim has been climbing for over 15 years and setting for over 13 years. He started climbing at the Santa Fe Climbing Center and has done nothing else since then. When Sim isn’t setting or explaining why that boulder is a V4 instead of a V5, he can be found mountain biking or other various outdoor activities.