Rich Strang

Team Coach, Route Setter, Instructor
Rich has been climbing about as long as rocks have existed. Starting his climbing career in New York he eventually moved to the West for the vast amounts of rock and more days of sunshine.

Joseph Gordon

Technical Director, Lead Instructor, Setter
Joey started climbing in his home town of Santa Rosa, CA at Vertex Climbing Center. He moved to Santa Fe, NM to study Music Technology and Production at Santa Fe University of Art and Design.

Andre Wiltenburg

Andre Wiltenburg grew up in the Netherlands. He moved to the United States more than 20 years ago, in search of adventure and new opportunities. He discovered rock climbing while he was living in Florida, and was immediately hooked.

Mike Phalan

Setter, Instructor, Lifts more than you
Mike moved to Santa Fe from the Big Island of Hawaii back in 2007 and fell in love with climbing right away. He traded in his career in counseling for this newfound passion and directed it into coaching and guiding with the Santa Fe Climbing Center.

Brian Mier

Setter, Crusher
Brian has been climbing for seven years. Other than climbing tough boulders with his friends, Brian likes to play the guitar, hang out with his dog, and sleep.

Sandip Rai

Front Desk, Training Instructor, Full of Rice
Sandip is a full time student at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology going for his M.S in Electrical Engineering. He is the president of the university’s climbing club and spends his free time time during school training with the collegiate climbing team.

Emma Thompson

Route Setter, Front Desk, Instructor
Emma began working at the Climbing Center at the start of this year as a setter and working front desk. She grew up in Santa Fe and started climbing 4.5 years ago in Spain and fell in love with the community aspect. Emma spent the next 2.5 years traveling around to different countries climbing, alpine Mountaineering, and building out a van to live in.

Ethan Greene

Front Desk & Instructor
Ethan grew up in southwestern Montana where he developed a love for outdoor adventures from a young age. He moved to Santa Fe after graduating from Western Washington University. While he was in school in Bellingham, WA he taught classes and set routes at his university’s climbing gym. He loves teaching people how to climb and, most importantly, how to enjoy climbing. Ethan is always happy to chat. You can find him working at the front desk or teaching youth classes.

Joe Dorn

Front Desk, Youth Instructor
Joe moved to Santa Fe to experience the beauty of the Southwest and the variety of outdoor activities. He is excited to join the Climbing Center’s community and explore New Mexico Rock. In his time away from climbing, Joe enjoys riding his bike and eating enchiladas.

Zo Northcutt

Team Instructor, Front Desk
Zo has been a pebble crusher for 11+ years. One of the only people to seek out Off Width boulders. Fueled by curry and hugs, they primarily love to boulder outside but can be found sport/aid/trad climbing, canyoneering, mountain biking, dancing and anything else involving play!

Korie Fox

Yoga Instructor
Korie began her yoga and climbing journeys in 2013 after transitioning out of being a collegiate diver. She loves how climbing and yoga are a perfect balance to each other, physically and mentally. Her goal is to create a fun space where students can challenge themselves in new ways, explore movement and breath, and understand how yoga can help them in their climbing pursuits and everyday lives. Come say hi to Korie at her next yoga class or while she’s climbing at the gym!

Bennett Holt

Front Desk, Adult & Youth Instructor and CRAG Night coordinator.
Bennett move from Oregon to New Mexico in June 2021. He is a relatively new climber who began bouldering at his college gym when he was 20. He is excited to get to know the community and learn more about climbing!

Austyn Stuedell

Front Desk
Austyn had worked at climbing gyms across the country: in Madison, WI, Minneapolis, MN, and Bend, OR. She moved to Santa Fe for a Museum Studies program. In addition to climbing she enjoys traveling the country in her van, studying herbalism, and welding sculptures.

Chris Quintana

Front Desk
Chris is a Santa Fe native who has been all over but keeps returning to Santa Fe, and probably for good this time. Chris loves NM red, skiing, biking and being outside in the rain. He has taught skiing for all ages, and now works on SF ski patrol. “Best way to get better at something is to do it everyday. Or get a job there.” Chris is currently working to improve his climbing skills and knot knowledge. He thinks he is an occasional problem solver.

Z Jacobson

Front Desk, Adult Instructor
Z was drawn to rocks while scrambling during hiking. When she discover rock climbing, that was it, she was hooked! She can be found climbing at the gym or sport climbing at one of the many beautiful crags around NM and beyond. When she’s not climbing, she spends a lot of her time cycling, hiking with her pup Wally or trying to get him to stop growing.