We are excited to offer an USAC Bouldering Qualifying Event for our local youth climbing community. We are hoping to make this a successful event and have climbers enjoy all the boulders that we will set for them.

It is a huge endeavor to put on an event like this and to make this event successful, where young climbers don’t have to wait for their climbs too long, we need volunteers. Having more volunteers available will make the competition run more smoothly, facilitate better judging, allow judges to step away to take a little break or watch their competitor and will get scoring done more quickly.

We would greatly appreciate if you could sign up for a slot or two to help your youth climbing community. You will receive a free shirt and we will have snack available for those that volunteer.

Volunteer slots available are:

  • Competitors check in: You will be responsible for checking in climbers, making sure all documentation is filled out, directing them to the warm up areas and competitor meeting.
  • Judge: You will be responsible for one area and judge/score climbers on their boulder according to USAC rules (A judges meeting beforehand will explain the rules and scoring). You will need to have access to a fully charged mobile device (ex. A phone) for scoring.
  • Assistant Judge: You will be responsible to put climbers in the que and call climbers when they are up to climb and who is on deck to climb next. Plus assist the judge and gain experience in judging.