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3008 Cielo Court Santa Fe NM 87507

Temporary Closed

Dear SFCC climbing community,

Santa Fe Climbing Center has made the decision to temporarily close our doors in order to best serve our wide-reaching community during this uncertain time.  This closure will go into effect at 6:00 pm this evening, March 17th.  At this time, our hope is to reopen on April 1st.

Many factors have been considered in coming to this decision.  We believe that the culture of the climbing community includes a great sense of social responsibility and of leading by example.  We have already seen our members taking active roles in preventing the spread of COVID-19, according to the CDC’s recommendations, and feel fortunate to have your support and understanding as we are all making big decisions based on information that is changing daily.  We are in this together and we believe using our collective power to slow the spread and flatten the curve will strengthen us as we discover and share our own unique ways through this worldwide challenge.

Member changes
During this temporary closure, there are a few things to consider in making membership changes.  Our commitment to our staff, who make our facility the amazing gathering place that it is, is a priority to us.  We ask those who are financially able to select a membership option that will support our staff by keeping them on the payroll.

Other ways to show support for our staff are:

Of course, we understand that this is not an option for all of our members, and freezing and cancelling options for memberships are available through our website as well.  Please make the decision that best suits your needs at this time.

All pre-paid memberships will automatically have their expiration date extended according to the days SFCC remains closed.

We will reach out soon to those who have paid for a class or event during the remainder of March to reschedule, arrange a credit, or process a refund.

Participants and parents in our youth programs will receive additional information following this announcement.

While our doors are closed…
There are many ways that we plan to stay in touch.  Please keep an eye out on our Instagram, Facebook and emails for social distancing training suggestions and other resources that will continue to not only develop our finger strength, but also our resilience as a community.  We will also keep busy by deep cleaning the gym in preparation for it’s shiny comeback in April, and setting up the new tension board that’s been a welcome haunt in our (or, at least my) dreams!  In the meantime, we do have Flash Boards available and anyone interested can arrange purchase and pick up from us through email.

For members who have items stored in lockers, you will have access to the gym for pick ups only from 9:00-3:00 for the remainder of the week.

We welcome all of you to reach out & share your experiences with us – communication through a potentially isolating time will serve all of us.  And please, please, wash your hands!

Thanks again for being a continuing part of SFCC – we look forward to seeing us all together again soon!

Your dedicated team at Santa Fe Climbing Center