Boulder Grades & Summer Comp!

Greetings, climbers! The boulder setting team has decided to change the way that we grade the boulders. Instead of doing community grade averages the setters will be putting a specific grade on it as soon as it is set. The reasons for this change is that we have not been getting enough feedback on the grade average forms to get accurate grades and we have gotten some feedback from members saying they would prefer if the setting team decided the grades. Movement, difficulty, and style are hard things to pin down in climbing. This means that no matter what, climbing grades will be subjective to each person climbing. We will do our best to grade boulders accurately! We have created a route setting feedback form at the boulder log sheet and would love your input on the grading and the route setting in general.

Plans are also in the works to bring back a summer comp. @ClimbSantaFe. We hope to bring the New Mexico Climbing Community together with an inclusive, exciting and fun event that celebrates the love we have for our local climbers.