Secret Stuff® Hygienic is the world’s first hygienic chalk! Made with an 80% ethyl alcohol base, this patent-pending, high performance, pure magnesium carbonate formula is engineered to provide unparalleled grip and reduce the spread of germs.

With less dust and mess and a formula that’s shown to kill germs, Secret Stuff Hygienic takes “clean chalk” to the next level.

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AVAILABLE NOW: Introducing the world’s first Hygienic Chalk. Contains the concentration of ethanol (80%) recommended by the WHO, CDC, and FDA for Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Products During the Public Health Emergency.
“I normally am not a fan of liquid chalk but this stuff is great. It goes on nicely, feels like silk and stays on better than before. 10/10 recommend. ALSO – it sanitizes, come on, how cool is that!?”
Lauren, FrictionLabs Customer