Black Diamond X4 Cam


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  • X4 features 4 cam lobes for excellent expansion range and holding power, yet it maintains a narrow width so it can fit where other cams won’t, such as in old piton scars
  •  Narrow head width is created by embedding the cam springs within the cam lobes
  •  Stacked axle design of the smallest three sizes gives the cams more expansion range per size than any other small four-cam unit available
  •  Largest three sizes use the tried-and-true Black Diamond double axle design that’s found in the original Camalot
  •  Six sizes of the X4 cover the same expansion range as eight sizes of comparable cam units, meaning you can carry fewer cams yet protect the same size cracks
  •  Aluminum beads protect the woven cable from abrasion without compromising the flexibility of the stem, allowing the cam to hold strong in awkward horizontal placements
  •  Trigger bar is hot forged to fit comfortably in your hand and make cam placement quick and easy
  •  Lightweight, durable Dyneema slings help you identify the cam you want when you’re grabbing one; Dyneema slings visually set the cams apart from others on your rack
  •  Color-coded Oz and Neutrino carabiner Rackpacks are sold separately, offering a great way to rack the Black Diamond Camalot X4 cams for easy identification

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